Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Rhythms Go Camping August 14th-21st 2007

The Camp for Climate Action this year took place on squatted land outside Heathrow airport. Members of Rhythms Manchester teamed up with other Rhythms bands from London, Barnsley, Sheffield and Amsterdam to name but a few.

The band was active throughout the seven days taking part in an occupation of a factory with connections to the
Israeli occupation, supporting striking workers on a picket, as well as marching in support of a local protest
that turned out to be a police setup and saw first hand the dangers of handing over our civil rights in the name of security.

On the day of mass action rhythms headed to BA and members spent the night blockading the offices outside BA and
raising the spirits of the other illegally kettled protestors.

Outside the actions members of RoRM took part in workshops, and took their turn on gate duty warding off the predatory FIT teams with hardcore Samba tunes. There was also a good deal of socialising and a chance to get to know members from other UK and international bands.

This was a great week, bringing the urgent issue of climate change back into the media and highlighting with Direct Action people's anger and resistance to the corporations irresponsible destruction of our planet!
The Tide Is Rising - Take Action now!