Monday, 15 October 2007

RBS Day of Actions 15th October 2007

In solidarity with the national day of actions called by Rising Tide, Rhythms of Resistance Manchester and Manchester Climate Action demonstrated outside the offices of RBS in Deansgate. Banners proclaiming 'Climate Change RBS makes it happen.' and 'Green Energy not Gas' highlighted RBS's involvement in the destruction of the planet. The self proclaimed 'oil and gas bank' has funded the national gas pipeline in Wales as well as being a major backer of the aviation industry.  Leaflets were distributed informing members of the public and RBS workers about the companies record of climate crimes. 
For information about how you can get involved with protecting the planet check out

Saturday, 13 October 2007

Drum Them Out! (Oct 13th 2007)

Rhythms of Resistance Manchester joined a march to support the Campaign for Accountability of American Bases at Menwith Hill Base. This is one of the American Bases in Britain that host part of the Star Wars Defence system and is not accountable under British law. RoRM played music and managed to avoid being served with a section 12 notice by police who were using new laws to control lawful protest and refused to allow the demonstration to circulate the base as planned. The protestors managed pressure police into allowing them to get nearer to the main road that runs beside the base but were then threatened with immediate arrest as the police officer in charge resorted to the use of more draconian measures amidst heavy challenges from the people.

Regular protests are held at Menwith Hill to find out more check out

Monday, 1 October 2007

Faslane 365 The Big Blockade!

On October 1st members of RoRM took part in the big blockade. Due to heavy police presence, Rhythms took
to the air. Leaving drums at home, several people dressed as clowns, walked, on lock ons they had transformed into stilts, until they fell over. This happened to be in front of the North Gate where they locked on and remained in place until they were cut out and arrested.

The blockade marks the end of the year long public direct campaign however the campaign to shut down the Nuclear base continues and will do until there are no more weapons in Scotland.

The Aldermaston campaign to prevent the building of the next generation of Nuclear weapons in Britain is also underway
join them today!