Saturday, 13 October 2007

Drum Them Out! (Oct 13th 2007)

Rhythms of Resistance Manchester joined a march to support the Campaign for Accountability of American Bases at Menwith Hill Base. This is one of the American Bases in Britain that host part of the Star Wars Defence system and is not accountable under British law. RoRM played music and managed to avoid being served with a section 12 notice by police who were using new laws to control lawful protest and refused to allow the demonstration to circulate the base as planned. The protestors managed pressure police into allowing them to get nearer to the main road that runs beside the base but were then threatened with immediate arrest as the police officer in charge resorted to the use of more draconian measures amidst heavy challenges from the people.

Regular protests are held at Menwith Hill to find out more check out

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