Sunday, 16 December 2007

Manchester march for Refugees and in celebration of International Workers Day

7th May 2007

“More than 2000 children a year are locked up by the UK Government for immigration purposes”

“7000 Iraqi asylum seekers face the terrifying prospect of being forcibly returned to the bloodshed and violence of Iraq.”

“I don't want to go back to Congo because there is a war there and, if I go back, my life will be finished.'”

Rhythms of Resistance Manchester in unity with the Congo Support Project led the march on 7th May to demand that the government stops the war on asylum seekers.

The march, organised by the Trades Union for Refugees, started at All Saints Park and ended in The Peace Gardens for a rally.

“We cannot imagine how it feels to be sent back to countries where you face imprisonment, torture and ill-treatment. We cannot imagine how it feels to be in such a desperation that you set fire to yourself rather than be sent back home, or live in deportation centres. Equally we cannot imagine how it feels to be such an inhumane government to send these people to their death. We are here to stand in unity with refugees and asylum seekers. And to demand that the Home Office stops sending these people to their death.”

For an Indymedia report click here

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